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The Core Facility Imaging (CFI) is a central facility of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, providing access and know-how to high-resolution fluorescence microscopy, real-time PCR, Flow Cytometry, Infrared Scanning techniques and NGA analytics for internal and external users. The main emphasis of this facility is high-resolution laser scanning microscopy as well as live cell imaging. Besides providing access to a variety of advanced equipment we offer assistance or full service in high resolution microscopy, trainings and develop software algorithms for (semi)-automated image analyses and NGS data analyses. The CFI is actively involved in several externally funded research projects and research consortia, and thus continuously aims at improving its expertise portfolio to sustain high quality support for its users.
Address: Kurt-Mothes- Str. 3A
06120  Halle/Saale
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  • Host Institution

Universität Halle/Medizinische Fakultät
Magdeburger Str. 8 (Dekanat)
06097  Halle
  • Scientific Domain

Primary Subjects:
  • Biology
  • Medicine
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    • Category

    Biomedical Imaging Facilities
    • Scientific Services

    The Core Facility Imaging (CFI) of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg provides access to high-resolution microscopy including confocal laser scanning microscopy (SP8X and SP5X, Leica) as well as epi-fluorescence microscopy (Nikon and Incucyte S3, Sartorius). Our equipment is designed to allow high-resolution as well as live cell imaging including techniques like FRAP, FRET or photoconversion. Our Biocope Catalyst (Bruker) combines atomic force measurements with fluorescence microscopy. Furthermore, the CFI provides expertise and equipment for Flow Cytometry analyses (MacsQuant X, Miltenyi), real-time PCR (384well) as well as Infrared scanning (Odyssey CLx and Pearl, LICOR) of Western blots, in-cell-Western or small animal in vivo imaging as well as Next generation sequencing (NextSeq 1000). In addition to providing high-end instruments, we offer unassisted as well as assisted services, training on instruments and software solutions for the automated analyses of images and live cell applications as well as NGS data analyses.
    • Scientific Equipment

    • ofocal Laser Scanning Microscope for live cell imaging
    • Epi-Fluoreszenz Microscope
    • Epi-Fluoreszenz Microscope for live cell imaging and injection
    • Infrared Scanner
    • real-time PCR
    • Small animal imager
    • Flow cytometry
    • NGS
    • FACS sorting
    • Keywords

    • Laser Scanning Microscopy
    • Live cell imaging
    • Leica SP8X
    • LiCOR
    • real-time PCR
    • NextSeq 1000
    • FACS Melody
    • Incucyte S3
    • MACSQuant X
    • Networks

    RTG 2467 - Intrinsically Disordered Proteins – Molecular Principles, Cellular Functions, and Diseases
    RTG2751 - IncuPANC - Inflammatory cues in early pancreatic cancerogenesis
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    Internal Users: 25
    External Users in total: 10
    External Users: 9
    External Users in the EU: 1
    External Users outside of EU: 0
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