Welcome to the research infrastructure portal: RIsources

RIsources (RI = Research Infrastructure) is a portal operated by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) containing information about scientific research infrastructures which provide researchers with resources and services for planning and implementing research projects.

RIsources includes research infrastructures which:

  • offer recognised, established scientific and technological facilities or services
  • permit free access or regulate access through a transparent selection process based on scientific quality and project feasibility
  • are managed according to sustainable principles and have a long-term perspective
The portal is under construction and information is continually being added. Registration requests are checked by the DFG on a regular basis.


With the catalog function you can filter the entries in RIsources by geographical, subject-based and content-based criteria. The three filter groups are state, main scientific domain and category.
In addition to the catalog function there is a keyword search function (click on 'Search'), which searches all fields in the database. For tips on how to use the catalog and information about the portal, refer to the help section in 'About RIsources'.


Interdisciplinary systems

Interdisciplinary digital registries or digital services can be found under: Interdisciplinary information systems

Important information

The information given in the (usually bilingual) entries is mainly based on information provided by the institutions or facilities in question. Although the DFG makes every effort to make sure this information is correct and up to date, we cannot guarantee that the database is free of inaccurate or obsolete entries. For corrections please send an e-mail to: RI-Portal@dfg.de

Research infrastructures which meet the specified criteria are welcome to register with the DFG.
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