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The Hethitologie-Portal Mainz (HPM) is the digital, web-based research infrastructure for Hittitology and related fields of study. HPM provides web-based research materials, such as text sources (e.g., critical editions), reproductions (e.g., photographs), databases (e.g., bibliographies) and research literature. Within the framework of national and international collaborations, data collections and text editions are processed and prepared for their web-based presentation. Thus research data are preserved for the future and presented for discussion; in many cases, they become available to the scholarly community already in the course of their formation and thus benefit from corrections and additions that accrue through their use by colleagues. In this way, HPM does not only foster cooperation, but also takes care of digitally interconnecting the various source materials and databases, thus enhancing value and scope of the single resources. It is HPM's ambition to facilitate research by diminishing traditional routine procedures and to develop new methods and possibilities of research. HPM is led by a Steering Committee that is assisted and advised by an international Scientific Board.
Address: c/o Lehrstuhl für Altorientalistik, Residenzplatz 2, Tor A
97070  Würzburg
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Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, Institut für Altertumswissenschaften – Lehrstuhl für Altorientalistik
Residenzplatz 2, Tor A
97070  Würzburg
Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur, Mainz, Hethitologie-Archiv
Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 2
55131  Mainz
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    The Hetithologie-Portal Mainz (HPM) started as a DFG-funded pilot project (III N 4 – 554 951) for the development of a digital information infrastructure for the publication of cuneiform texts.Today, HPM includes a comprehensive web-based survey of the written sources from Hittite Anatolia in the form of the Catalogue of Hittite Texts (CTH) and the Konkordanz der hethitischen Keilschrifttafeln; together with the 'Joinskizzen', these resources provide an extensive web-based documentation of the reconstruction of texts from Hittite tablet collections. They are interconnected with text corpora (of the Hittite and Old Assyrian periods), onomastic databases and glossaries that were compiled within the farmework of national and international collaborations. CTH and Konkordanz are interlinked with the Mainzer Photoarchiv, a web-based resource that provides a web-based access to more than 70,000 photos of cuneiform texts from Hittite tablet collections. The bulk of these photos comes from the archive of the project „Hethitische Forschungen“ at the Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur, Mainz, but this basis has been extended by the addition of various photo collections provided by colleagues and museums. Various bibliographies (by author, subject area, text attestations and lexemes) provide a comfortable access to the research literature. Finally, HPM also provides digital book publications and further informations on Hittitology and related fields.
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