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The Viral Core Facility (VCF) offers Charité and external academic scientists ("non-profit Organizations") services for the generation and characterization of viral particles. These particles can be used to express or down-regulate various proteins in cell culture or in-vivo to better studies their specific properties. The VCF is located at the Campus Charite Mitte in the Research building Charité-Cross-Over and offers services for the generation of lentiviral particles (LV), adeno-associated viruses (AAV), adeno viruses (AV), retroviruses (RV), rabies viruses (RABV) and semliki-forest-viruses (SFV).
Address: Charitéplatz 1
10117  Berlin
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  • Host Institution

Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Charitéplatz 1
10117  Berlin
  • Scientific Domain

Primary Subjects:
  • Biology
Secondary Subjects:
    • Category

    Cell Culture or Virus Production Facilities
    • Scientific Services

    The service catalog of the VCF covers three areas. The first area includes a DNA cloning service with the production of new viral shuttle vectors and their purification. To this end, there is a consultation on the individual vector systems that can be provided by the VCF. The second area involves the production of viral particles. In the third area, different virus quantification methods are offered.
    • Scientific Equipment

    • 4 cell-culture incubators
    • molecular biological laboratory S1
    • cell culture laboratory S1/S2
    • laminar flow clean benches (3x)
    • ultracentrifuges
    • bacterial incubators
    • Roche Light-cycler for qPCR
    • western blotting equipment
    • chemiluminescence detection system
    • -80°C Freezers
    • Keywords

    • Virale Core Facility
    • Lentiviruses
    • adeno associated viruses
    • adenoviruses
    • rabies virus
    • semliki-forest-virus
    • transduction
    • transgene expression analysis
    • molecular biology
    • cell culture
    • DNA purification
    • DNA cloning
    • DNA amplification
    • real-time quantitative PCR
    • western blots
    • Networks

    NeuroCure - Cluster of Excellence
    • Users per annum

    Internal Users: 30
    External Users in total: 40
    External Users: 20
    External Users in the EU: 15
    External Users outside of EU: 5
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