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The Portal of Medical Data Models (MDM) is a multi-lingual repository of medical data models for the scientific community. It contains data models from medical research (clinical studies) and routine patient care (electronic health records). Currently, most information systems in healthcare apply heterogeneous and proprietary data models. Re-use of existing data models and sharing of best practice can foster data exchange and standardisation of medical data models on a national and international level. The University Library of Münster contributes to this project regarding technical, contents and organisational aspects.
Address: Albert-Schweitzer-Campus 1 / A11
48149  Münster
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Institut für Medizinische Informatik, Universität Münster
Albert-Schweiter-Campus 1 / A11
48149  Münster
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  • Medicine
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There are several thousand data models available for download. MeSH terms or free text keywords can be used for searching. The majority of data models contains semantic annotations like UMLS codes. Medical data models can be downloaded in several technical formats, including pdf, CDISC ODM, HL7 CDA, csv and SQL. Data models are manually curated and can be commented by users. Upon request, accounts to upload new models can be provided.
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