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The ArtSystemArchive (ask23) was established in 1999 and since then has been further expanded with a focus on art-historical research, integrating particularly the fields of art history and art theory, philosophical aesthetics, art sociology, art psychology, and art pedagogy. Since 2004 it has been online and has been incorporated as a scientific institution of the HFBK in the Laboratory:Art&Science. This open access archive and publication platform is a hybrid of web-based publication medium, learning platform, and digital knowledge repository. The ArtSystemArchive has meanwhile been certified in adherence with international standards through the German Initiative for Network Information (DINI) as an electronic publication server. Accordingly, it is part of a worldwide network connected with other electronic archives, subscribing to the idea of Open Access to encourage unrestricted digital access to academic content. Currently the ask23 repository holds over 5000 resources: full texts, facsimiles, audio and video files, as well as references to analog and external resources representing both contemporary and historically significant discourses and authors. Ask23 also provides exclusive accessibility to the Posthumous Writings of the prominent German Romantic painter P.O. Runge (1777—1810) as well as to the hitherto unpublished theoretical legacy of the major German abstract artist Adolf Hölzel (1853—1934).
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    All available text and information (= resources) is stored in specific archival repositories. These may be browsed either via a table of contents, freely chosen keywords, or through a controlled system of subject headings. In connection with its taxonomical structure and numerous cross references, the alphabetical subject catalogue that has been developed specifically for ask23 (-> provides a highly differentiated tool for research as well as a comprehensive description of the contained subjects with metadata following the internationally approved bibliographical standards of the Qualified Dublin Core. It offers an extensive overview of topics regarding art and art theory, while enabling a targeted search for relevant texts that are partially available also in analog formats. Furthermore, the ArtSystemArchive allows the uncomplicated publication of information under a Creative Commons license. Dynamic functions such as self-publishing, a feedback function for every resource, a context-related reference system, and the possibility to create personal collections (research lists and e-Reserves, among others) also enable an interactive use of ask23, which in the process of practical application can continue to evolve. The combination, required in the field of art research, of systematic scientific research methods with the more intuitive, associative approach inherent to art, is an intrinsic structural feature of ask23.
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